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After a somewhat decent weekend, the week ahead looks quite hot again with the possibility of another heat wave. But first, we have to get through Monday’s damp weather to start off the work week.

A weak area of low-pressure riding along a slow-moving stationary front will trigger off some showers Sunday night and into Monday. Monday isn’t a wash out, but it won’t be the greatest day of the week. 

Beginning Tuesday, the heat and humidity are back! Temperatures are forecasted to hit 90 degrees. However, there is a weak front moving through late on Tuesday that could spark a few afternoons thunderstorms and cap how high those temperatures go.

That front moving through is actually associated with some drier air, not cooler air, because Wednesday will continue to be hot but a tad less humid. So the low 90s forecasted on Wednesday might be a little more bearable.

All bets are off when Thursday rolls around as it is expected to be the hottest day of the week as temperatures are forecasted to soar into the mid 90s. That isn’t the only number on the scale going up; the humidity also heads into more uncomfortable levels, which will make it feel like the temperatures are around 100.

Friday continues to be very warm and humid with scattered t-storms developing throughout the day. Those storms may cap the temperatures from going above 90 degrees, but with the humidity still high up on the scale it will still feel uncomfortably hot. 

It isn’t until next week that it looks more comfortable with mostly sunny conditions and temperatures in the mid 80s.