NEW YORK (PIX11) — The delightful stretch continues for at least another day. While Friday is shaping up to be a nice day as well, cooler air will make a return.

By the time the weekend arrives, we are watching for a storm system that will bring another round of rain. While the forecast is bleak, there is some good news that we may be able to salvage part of it. 

Skies will remain mainly clear and relatively comfortable for Wednesday night. Overnight temperatures will trail down into the mid-50s. Elsewhere, expect lows to be in the 40s.

Thursday will feature a good deal of sunshine. Expect highs to make their way up to around 70 degrees. A weak disturbance may bring a few clouds around late in the day. 

Expect a good amount of sunshine as well on Friday. While the next storm system is approaching, the clouds may hold off until evening. An easterly wind will develop, causing highs to back into the mid-60s.

Regarding the weekend, the forecast models indicate a complex storm system that will make its way to the East Coast. The good news is that the storm may have a more southerly and progressive track. That would cause the heavier downpours to stay to the south, and the quicker pace of the battery may allow the rain to taper off much sooner on Sunday.

In the end, rain looks to develop on Saturday morning. Due to the southerly track, most of the rain seems to be on the light to moderate side in the city and keeps the rain amounts on the lower end.

Due to the progressive nature, we may see the rain taper off by the middle part of Sunday. Regardless of the rain’s length, it will be raw and chilly, with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s on both days.