The tri-state region is expected to see a prolonged stretch of 90 degree days ; the region hasn’t seen anything like it in almost 10 years.

New York City reached 90 degrees on Tuesday, but the humidity really comes in on Wednesday, causing the National Weather Service to issue heat advisories. Toward the latter part of the week, it is not out of the question that excessive heat warnings could be issued for inland areas as the feel-like temperatures climb past 105 degrees. 

The humidity comes back Tuesday night. Temperatures will drop no further than the mid 70s under mainly clear skies.

On Wednesday, skies will feature hazy sunshine with a southwesterly wind bringing temperatures up into the lower 90s. Adding in the humidity, it will feel closer to the mid to upper 90s.

The heat wave should become official by Thursday as temperatures climb further into the mid 90s. At this point, we may see dangerous heat indices approaching the 100 degree mark. Many areas to the west will likely see it feel more like 105 or so. A cold front will start to move toward the East Coast and that could spark a shower late in the day.

There will be a better chance of storms by Friday afternoon, but it will still be another scorcher. Afternoon highs will be in the lower 90s.

Despite the passage of the cold front, the heat will remain. The humidity lowers, but temperatures will return into the lower 90s through the weekend.  The humidity may return next week with more 90 degree temperatures on Monday.

By Tuesday,  we may see the heat ease off, but it is far from certain.