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The first day of 2022 brought gray skies and soggy weather, and unfortunately the wet weather will continue through the night. Thankfully, it has also been very mild with temperatures in the 50s, so it is wet and not white. Look for these conditions to persist for a while longer. Fog will also be a problem tonight with visibility dropping to a half-mile or less, especially along the coast. Exercise caution while driving tonight.

Sunday may be just a little bit better. The steady rain will taper off and become more showery for the afternoon. There may not be much in the way of sunshine but it will continue to be mild for one more day with highs in the 50s again. If we get enough breaks in the clouds, we could actually reach or exceed 60 for a couple hours. But again, a few showers could still pop up.

Big changes in store for Sunday night into Monday. A big change to colder temperatures for about 24 to 48 hours. The temperature will drop sharply during Sunday night and will tumble all the way down to under freezing by Monday morning. 

Some weather maps are hinting that a southern storm may get close enough to fringe us during that time, with a few hours of snow or at least flurries. Other models keep the snow just to our south. It will be a battle as to which gets here first and how strong the systems are in fighting it out for placement.

Either way, by Monday afternoon, the cold air is well entrenched and it may not get much above freezing for a daytime high. The wind will add to the chill. Tuesday will not be as harsh but still cold. Then milder again for Wednesday and Thursday but then we’ll keep our eyes on another storm for Thursday night and Friday for the possible of snow or rain.