NEW YORK (PIX11) — While clouds ruled much of Friday, it did stay dry except for South Jersey as a wave of low pressure slid to the south of the region.

It stays cool for Veterans Day, but a much chillier air mass moves in for the latter half of the weekend and continues into the early part of next week. 

Much of Friday night will remain to be clear as the low pressure that stayed to the south heads further out to sea. Overnight temperatures will end up dropping down into the lower 40s in the city. Most surrounding areas will dip into the 30s.

Veterans Day will feature plenty of sunshine, but a northwesterly wind will be in place keeping it on the cool side. Temperatures will only make it in the lower 50s. 

A reinforcing cold front then brings in a chillier air mass starting on Sunday. Early in the morning, temperatures will start in the mid-30s. While it will be sunny, temperatures will only make it into the mid-40s during the day. 

By Monday, we will have temperatures heading in the right direction, but it will still be chilly. Highs on Monday will be in the upper 40s under mostly sunny skies.

After the chilly start to the week, we will see a gradual moderation in the temperatures with temperatures making their way into the upper 50s. The next shot of any rain showers may hold off until Friday or next weekend.