NEW YORK (PIX11) — A potent storm system will drench much of the tri-state region with heavy rain, strong winds and coastal flooding. For inland areas, there may be snow or sleet at the onset, but it will change over to rain as well.

Wind Advisories and Coastal Flood Warnings have been issued along the shoreline, while areas well north have Winter Weather Advisories in effect. 

The rain will develop in the evening and become heavy at times through the night. Flooding on area roadways associated with the heavy rain cannot be ruled out as a result. The storm system will also kick up the wind as well.

Gusts in excess of 35 mph to 45 mph may bring down a few tree limbs and cause an isolated power outage. It will not be surprising if there is a rumble of thunder in any of the downpours. Rainfall amounts will probably surpass an inch, but there may be a few spots where we may get two inches in spots.

To the north, temperatures may be cold enough for some sleet or snow at first. Then, temperatures will warm up through the night to allow any frozen precipitation to change over to rain. Nonetheless, those areas get a coating to two inches of rain before it washes away in the rain. You would need to go into the Catskills to see snow amounts approach four to six inches or higher.  

Along the coast, the strong onshore flow and near astronomical high tide will create concerns of coastal flooding at high tide. Tides may run 2 feet above normal in some places, which will cause moderate flooding.

Most precipitation should move offshore on Saturday, but an upper-level system could bring a leftover rain or snow shower. Temperatures will be in the upper 40s.

Sunday looks much better and milder. Under partly cloudy skies, temperatures will top out at around 50 degrees.