A complex storm system makes its way toward the East Coast on Thursday. A weak frontal boundary moves in well ahead of the main system, bringing a few light showers in the morning. During the day, we may get some drizzle around, but heavier rain will make its way at night as the main storm moves through the region. 

Clouds will thicken Wednesday night. As winds shift more southerly, temperatures will end up staying into the upper 30s through the night in the city. Inland areas to the north and west end up dropping into the upper 20s and lower 30s.

Some light showers will develop Thursday morning. Where temperatures are expected to dip below freezing, expect a light mix that may possibly end up creating some slick diving conditions during the morning commute. During the day, there will be a break from the light showers, however, the threat of some drizzle cannot be ruled out. Temperatures will gradually climb toward 50 degrees.

At night, heavier periods of rain will redevelop as the storm makes its way through the region. There will also be a gusty breeze that is expected to accompany the rain. Overnight, we may see gusts approach 35 mph or higher along coastal sections. Due to the southerly breeze, expect temperatures to continue to rise toward the mid 50s by daybreak on Friday morning.

There may be a few leftover showers early on Friday. Otherwise, skies will start to clear out in the morning. Temperatures may initially hover in the lower 50s at first, but a cold front will sweep across, bringing in a more westerly wind and cool temperatures down into the 40s during the afternoon. By Friday night, we should continue to see temperatures tumble into the mid 30s.

There may still be some clouds around on Saturday. The winds will continue to gust from the northwest at times, making it a much colder day.

The winds should finally ease off on Sunday. Under sunny skies, temperatures will inch their way back into the lower 40s.