The remnants of Ian may have dissipated, but it did help spin out another area of low pressure off the coast of the Delmarva peninsula. That low will drift across the region for the next few days, bringing in chances of rain for.

Eventually, high pressure will drift and slowly pull the storm system out to sea, but that will not occur until Wednesday. Until then, the tri-state region will have to deal with periods of rain and the chill. 

Along the shoreline, the easterly flow has caused some areas to deal with tidal flooding. Coastal Flood Warnings were for the Jersey Shore from Ocean County and points south, where tides may approach 3 feet above normal and cause moderate flooding.

Along the coast of Middlesex Counties, New York Harbor and the South Shore of Long Island, Coastal Flood Advisories have been issued as tides may run 1 to 2 feet above normal and cause minor flooding. Along the coast of Long Island Sound, sporadic minor tidal flooding is possible. 

The rain will generally be on the steady side for a good chunk of Monday night for much of the region. Well north, the rain will be limited as high pressure should suppress much of the rain to the south.

Flood Advisories have been posted across parts of Central New Jersey, where the rain has been ongoing for much of Monday. Temperatures will remain to be on the chilly side, hovering in the upper 40s in the city.

The rain will continue into Tuesday morning, but there are indications that it may turn more showery during the day. Regardless, it will be a raw and chilly day. A brisk wind from the northeast will keep temperatures in the mid 50s during the day. 

Wednesday will be a transition day as the area of low pressure weakens and high pressure starts to move in. That being said, scattered showers are still possible during the day, but the sun may break out at times. That should help bump temperatures up into the lower 60s.

By Thursday, the sun finally returns and that should help bring temperatures up to around 70 degrees.
Friday will also start out nice with highs near 70, but a potent cold front will bring the chance of scattered showers around.

Behind the front, temperatures cool down significantly for the weekend. Expect highs to be in the lower 60s on Saturday and Sunday. The good news is that skies will be generally sunny.