The forecast is looking more gloomy heading into Friday and Saturday. A storm system tracking just to the south will bring a prolonged period of rain starting on Friday morning before possibly tapering off by late Saturday night.

Even the timing for when the rain ends is questionable at this time. Earlier in the week, the forecast models were indicating that an area of high pressure in Canada was going to suppress the storm further south, but that high looks weaker, bringing the rain further north and giving us the unsettled stretch.

Clouds will be on the increase throughout Thursday night. After topping out in the mid 70s earlier in the day, temperatures will end up dropping into the mid 50s.

On Friday, a few showers could develop as early as Friday morning. Through the course of the day, the chance of rain will be on the increase, becoming moderate at times. As a result of the rain and an easterly flow, it will be much cooler. The high for the day will likely be in the morning, topping out in the upper 50s. Temperatures will likely trail back into the lower 50s for the rest of the day.

Heavier rain may develop during the overnight hours as the area of low pressure moves closer to the region. Winds will also be on the increase as well, with gusts approaching over 30 mph at times.  

Unfortunately, the area of low pressure will slow down and meander just to the south on Saturday, keeping the rain around. The winds will continue to gust from the east, bringing some concerns of coastal flooding as well, however the chance looks to be on the low end. That wind though, will make it feel really chilly, temperatures during the day will only top out in the lower 50s.

When all is said and done, rainfall amounts will range somewhere between 1 to 2 inches for so. While it will be a lot of rain, it will be a prolonged event, limiting the threat of flooding. Still, expect the usual spots that have poor drainage to get some flooding. 

As mentioned earlier, there are some questions to when the chance of rain finally diminishes. Hopefully, high pressure to the north will suppress the chance of rain on Mother’s Day, but there may still be a fair number of clouds around. It will continue to be a breezy day with temperatures hovering in the mid 50s.

For next week, conditions look to improve with partly to mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will also start to recover, climbing from around 60 on Monday to around 70 degrees by Wednesday.