NEW YORK (PIX11) — The warming trend continues into the week’s latter half. Winds have shifted southerly, bringing temperatures back up into the lower 60s on Tuesday, and that is only the start.

For the rest of the week, the winds will come from the southwest and west, bumping temperatures into the 70s, possibly hitting 80 degrees by Saturday. Temperatures this warm may potentially break record highs starting on Thursday. 

Skies will generally stay clear Tuesday night. It will not be as clear as the southerly winds will keep temperatures in the lower 50s around the city. Elsewhere, overnight lows will be in the 40s.

Wednesday will start with sunshine, but a weak disturbance will cause many clouds to build during the day. Despite the cloud cover, it will be milder as highs approach 70 degrees.

The sun should return on Thursday as well as Friday. A few high clouds will return, but the warming trend will continue. Expect temperatures to top out in the mid-70s for both days. 

The warming trend should peak on Saturday. Under mostly sunny skies, temperatures will climb into the upper 70s, but there is a good chance that many areas will make their way into the lower 80s during the day. 

A frontal boundary starts to make its way toward the region on Sunday. Clouds will build, especially during the latter part of the day, but the forecast models indicate very little rainfall when it passes.

Any precipitation that falls may hold off until the overnight hours, breaking the stretch of wet weekends that have been ongoing since Labor Day Weekend. While still mild, the approaching cold front will bring back the temperatures into the lower 70s for Sunday.

There might be a leftover shower on Monday. Otherwise, the skies will clear out, and it will turn cooler. Highs are expected to top out in the mid-60s.

By Halloween, the downward trend continues. While it will be dry with mostly sunny skies, highs will only be in the mid-50s.