NEW YORK (PIX11) — A frontal system brought rain and gusty winds across much of the region. Gusts in excess of 50 mph were reported along coastal sections and parts of the city. While the winds will ease, they will shift to the northwest, driving down much colder temperatures for Thursday.

The blustery conditions will continue into Wednesday night. While it was in the upper 50s early in the evening, the winds would drive the temperatures down into the mid-30s. Adding in the wind, it will feel more like the mid-20s during the early morning hours. 

Thursday will return sunshine, but it will still feature cold gusty winds over 20 mph. Temperatures will only climb into the lower 40s, but it will feel more like the 30s all day long.

Heading into Friday, the winds will back off into the southwest allowing for a quick warmup. Expect highs to approach 50 degrees on Friday.

The warming trend will continue into Saturday, with temperatures topping into the upper 50s. During the latter part of the day, a cold front will bring the chance of scattered showers. Once the front passes, colder air will make a return for Sunday, with highs dipping into the mid-40s.