NEW YORK (PIX11) — The run of pleasant, springlike days rolls on for New York and New Jersey, though rain could soon enter the mix.

Folks should expect mostly sunny skies on Wednesday with a high around 67 degrees and a southwest breeze.

Possible showers on Thursday could suppress temperatures a bit, but only by a few degrees with a high around 65.

Some clouds may linger into Friday, but warm temps should as well, again topping out around 65.

But then comes the reminder that it’s still February, with temperatures crashing down to a high of just 34 on a windy but mostly clear Saturday.

Sunday should get back on track, though, with a high around 52 under sunny skies.

Monday looks to be a bit more cloudy, though also a bit warmer, topping out around 60.

Showers could return by Tuesday on a mostly overcast day, with a high around 53 degrees.