NEW YORK (PIX11) — The pleasant weather continues for at least the next two days as high pressure makes its way across the region. On Friday, the next storm system approaches from the Midwest.

At the same time, an area of low pressure will develop to the south and track up along the coastline, bringing rain that will continue into Saturday. Behind the storm system, a gusty wind creates, making Sunday a blustery day. 

Skies will continue to feature patchy clouds on Tuesday night. Overnight lows will end up in the lower 50s in the city, while most surrounding areas will go down into the 40s

Wednesday will feature a lot of sun during the first part of the day. Some clouds will billow up during the afternoon, but no rain is expected. Temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s.

Thursday will remain to be nice. Clouds will increase but be milder, with highs topping out in the upper 60s.

By Friday, things start to go downhill early. An area of low pressure will move in from the Midwest and help spin out another low to the south of the region. Showers may develop early in the day as that low to the south goes up the coast. 

Heading into Saturday, the storm will continue to intensify, keeping showers in the forecast during the day. There are some questions about how fast it will develop and whether it will track along the coastline or further offshore. These questions will determine how long the rain will last and the rainfall totals.

Regardless, the winds will kick up as the storm system intensifies over New England. A brisk northerly wind will develop, keeping temperatures in the 50s on Sunday. Overnight temperatures may end up dipping into the 30s.