NEW YORK (PIX11) — After a wet and wild end to September, October is starting out on the very warm side.

An area of high pressure will bring a southwesterly flow for the next couple of days, bringing temperatures well above where they should be. In addition to the warmth, it will stay dry with a good deal of sunshine. 

Skies will be generally clear on Monday night. It will be quite mild as well, with temperatures ending up at around 60 degrees. Area suburbs will remain quite comfortable as well, with lows in the 50s.

Tuesday will feature a good deal of sunshine. There may be some haze associated with some wildfires that are ongoing in Canada. As of now, it does not look like it will affect the air quality significantly, as the forecast index will be at a moderate level. In terms of temperatures, it will be a warm day as many areas, including the city, climb toward 80 degrees or higher.

The warmth continues on Wednesday. Skies will remain generally sunny, with highs holding in the lower 80s.

An easterly breeze develops on Thursday as the high pressure starts to drift offshore. Temperatures will end up backing down into the mid-70s.

Friday may feature some sun early, but clouds will be on the increase. A frontal system to the west will start to make its way toward the east coast. Meanwhile, a tropical system well off the coast may enhance the frontal boundary, causing some showers to develop well ahead of the cold front. Expect highs to be in the lower 70s.

The front should arrive on Saturday. While it is too early to determine amounts, there is a good chance that rain will be around during the day. The front does look progressive, indicating that we will not see the extreme amounts of rain that we saw at the end of September. By Sunday, the front should be offshore, and the sun will return. It will be much cooler, though with highs in the upper 60s on Saturday, then lower 60s on Sunday.