NEW YORK (PIX11) — A potent storm system makes its way toward the tri-state region on Thursday.

The storm is expected to bring rain that could be on the heavy side and cause localized flooding for some. The good news is that the storm will clear out and leave us with a pleasant end to the week.

Skies be generally clear for much of Wednesday evening. A few storms moving through Eastern Pennsylvania during the day made their way to western portions of New Jersey, but they have since diminished early in the evening. Overnight temperatures will make their way down to around 70 degrees.

Clouds will be on the increase early on Thursday morning. Rain is expected to make its way into the region during the middle part of the day, and it looks to become heavy at times in the afternoon. Localized flooding cannot be ruled out as a result. While it is expected to be mainly a rain event, a few strong thunderstorms cannot be totally ruled out late on Thursday. Eventually, the rain should taper off during the evening hours. Thanks to the rain, temperatures may not get out of the 70s during the day. 

High pressure moves in on Friday, allowing the sun to make a return. Temperatures should also recover nicely, with highs getting up into the mid-80s.

Much of the weekend is looking okay. A disturbance may bring a few isolated thunderstorms late on Saturday and possibly Sunday as well. For now, it does not look like a big deal, and any storms that form will be brief. Highs will stay in the mid-80s.