While the storm that brought the rain and chilly temperatures this past weekend has moved out to sea, it is still being a player in our forecast within the next seven days. That storm will meander south and weaken somewhat before it drifts back to the coast of the Carolinas. From there, a cold front will then lift the system back toward us, bringing the risk of showers as we approach the weekend.

Monday night will be generally quiet. Winds will be from the northeast and that will cool things down for the night. Overnight temperatures will be in the upper 40s.

Expect mostly sunny skies through much of the week. While interior sections of the country will be heating up, a northeasterly will persist through at least Wednesday. Fortunately, the sun will help bring temperatures up to around 70 degrees.

Toward the latter part of the week, the winds should start to ease and that will allow temperatures to climb further into the low to mid 70s. 

That same area of low pressure that brought the rain and wind over the past weekend will start to come back toward our region from the south. That will bring the chance of showers around from late Friday night into Saturday. Despite the showery forecast, it will remain on the warm side with highs in the mid 70s.

We may get a break on Sunday with a mix of sun and clouds, but the rain chance returns next Monday as a cold front approaches. Temperatures will hold in the low to mid 70s.