Another heat wave is possible this week as the Bermuda high anchors itself off the coast, allowing for temperatures to rise beyond 90 degrees and the humidity to reach oppressive levels on Monday.

With the air filled with moisture and heat, there is a good chance for more scattered storms to develop. However, as the sun sets, the storms should die down.

The extreme heat continues into Tuesday, which will be the hottest day of the week! Temperatures are forecasted to hit 95 degrees. Sultry is best word to describe what it will feel like.

Aside from the sultry feel, extreme heat could lead to another round of storms. There is a slow-moving cold front that could spark some more afternoon thunderstorms. Some of the storms could produce locally heavy downpours, localized flooding, damaging winds and possibly hail. Again, once the sun sets the storms should diminish.

Wednesday is almost a rinse and repeat of Monday/Tuesday however the temperatures are expected to be a tad lower. Cloud cover and the chance of storms is much higher as the front slowly inches its way over the tri-state area later that day. Nonetheless, the humidity will still be at an oppressive level as the winds are still mainly out of the southwest; so even if the temperatures are a few degrees lower, it will still feel like it is 90 degrees outside.

Relief finally comes after a second cold front moves through Thursday night and into the day on Friday. Expect weather conditions to be more comfortable with seasonable temperatures in the mid 80s.