The week started on a warm and humid note. A frontal boundary brought some scattered showers late in the day. Fortunately, they were quick movers and will leave the rest of the evening dry.

Temperatures will remain on the warm note for the next few days, but the humidity will trail downward.

All eyes are also on Hurricane Fiona, which slammed Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic with flash flooding, strong winds and mudslides. 

As of early Monday evening, Fiona moved off the coast of Northern Hispaniola and intensified quickly into a category 2 hurricane with winds of 100 mph. A Hurricane Warning persists for the Turks & Caicos Islands as the storm’s center looks to track near Grand Turk Island early on Tuesday Morning. 

Beyond that, it looks to further intensify out in the open waters of the Atlantic, possibly to a category 4 with winds of 130 mph by Wednesday afternoon. All eyes are then on Bermuda as the storm may quickly make its way toward the island by late Thursday night. 

While the storm will stay well off the coast of the Eastern Seaboard, it will kick up the seas around our region during the latter part of the week. Expect the possibility of dangerous rip currents, high surf and beach erosion as the storm passes well offshore. 

Outside of Fiona, skies cleared out quite quickly, leaving Monday evening to be a nice one. Overnight temperatures will end up holding in the upper 60s in the city. 

Tuesday will feature a lot of sunshine. While it will be warm with highs just past the 80 degree mark, the dew point will drop into the lower 50s making it feel very comfortable. 

It will be a sunny start on Wednesday with highs climbing back to around 80 degrees, but clouds will be on the increase late in the day. A cold front could bring some clouds around, but any shower activity associated with the front should hold off until late at night. 

The risk of showers will persist on Thursday morning, but the cold front will clear out, allowing for the sun to break out. Winds will shift northerly and keep temperatures in the mid 70s. The fall season will also begin at 9:04 p.m. 

The winds will kick up from the north, bringing down much cooler air on Friday. Despite the mostly sunny skies, temperatures may end up holding in the mid 60s.