Another round of extreme temperatures and high humidity is going to make the rest of the week tough. Heat Advisories and Air Quality Alerts have been issued starting on Thursday, and the advisory will continue through Friday evening.  We will see the heat index approach 100 degrees for many sections and that will be dangerous for those that have to be outdoors. 

While it will stay warm for Wednesday night, the humidity will remain on the low end, making it feel on the comfortable side. Overnight temperatures will end up trailing down into the mid 70s.

The humidity returns on Thursday. As temperatures climb back into the lower 90s, the heat index will climb into the upper 90s. Many spots to the north and west of the city will have the heat index end up climbing past 100 degrees. A few spotty storms may flare up for areas well north and west of the city, but they should dissipate as they approach the coast.

A cold front will start to move into the region Friday, bringing up the humidity further. While we may see the temperature back down to around 90, the higher levels of humidity will keep the heat index in the upper 90s to around 100 degrees.

In the afternoon, the risk of showers and thunderstorms will be on the increase. While the storms look to be scattered about, they may bring torrential downpours and the threat of localized flooding. 

As far as the weekend goes, temperatures will trail back down into the upper 80s, but the humidity will stick around. The risk of a few isolated thunderstorms may flare up during the afternoon for both days.

The heat will make a return on Monday and Tuesday with highs climbing back into the lower 90s. By Tuesday though, a cold front will bring a good chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. Hopefully, that will bring down the heat and humidity by next Wednesday.