NEW YORK (PIX11) — A powerful storm system started to make its way into the region on Thursday.

This storm will bring everything from heavy rain to strong gusty winds and coastal flooding. Behind it, an arctic cold front will get a frigid airmass where temperatures essentially take a nosedive.

The front has a line of showers that may change to a quick burst of heavy snow before it tapers off. As a result, temperatures will continue to tumble, and along with strong gusts, we may expect to see dangerous wind chills come Thursday night.   

Throughout the night, the rain will sometimes come heavy and cause some flooding on area roadways. As much as one to three inches of rain could fall before the worst of the rain tapers off on Friday morning. Therefore, flood Watches have been issued for areas to the north and west of the city where the rain has the best chance of exceeding two inches.

The excessive amount of rain in a short period may cause a few rivers to overflow their banks and some flooding on area roadways due to the heavy rain.

Strong winds will be a concern across the board, and Wind Advisories have been issued as a result. The storm will intensify as it heads into New England, and the gusts could approach 55 mph by late Thursday night. Power outages will be a possibility due to the intense winds. 

While the heavy rain will create ponding on area roadways, communities along the shoreline will have to worry about the possibility of significant coastal flooding. As tides are already expected to run above average due to the astronomical new moon, the intense southeasterly flow is expected to cause widespread moderate to major flooding by Friday morning.

Along with tides running some two to three feet above average, the ocean-facing beaches will also deal with erosion as 10-foot waves are expected to batter the shoreline.

The other aspect of this storm will be the frigid temperatures that will make their way into the region and stick around through the holiday weekend. Then, finally, an arctic cold front will sweep across the region. The front may bring additional showers around during the midday hours on Friday, but the frigid airmass will quickly follow behind it.

There is a chance the rain showers may swiftly change to a burst of snow before it tapers off. As a result, there is a possibility that we may see snow squalls that could briefly cause white-out conditions. That being said, any accumulations may be minimal, mainly to areas well north and west of the city.

Temperatures may quickly tumble some 20-30 degrees in three to four hours from 50 to 20 degrees during the afternoon and evening hours. Should the ground be still wet, we may see a flash freeze in some spots and cause roads to turn icy instantly. 

Along with the cold temperatures, the winds will continue to gust through the holiday weekend. Expect temperatures to be in the 20s on Saturday and Sunday, but it will likely feel more like around 0 degrees for both days.  

Heading into next week, the recovery will be slow, with temperatures gradually moderating back toward the 40s.