After a cool and damp start to August, the heat and humidity will return in a hurry. As temperatures could hit 90 degrees for rest of this week, we are looking at the possibility of the third heat wave of the season in New York City.

While it will not necessarily be humid during the entire period, we may see the heat index approach 100 degrees at one point during this stretch. 

An area of low pressure meandering off the coast kept clouds around and brought some patchy drizzle on Monday. That storm system will drift offshore, and skies will clear out for the rest of the night. It will remain muggy with temperatures dropping into the lower 70s.

The heat comes in a hurry on Tuesday as temperatures soar into the lower 90s. Adding in the humidity, it will make it feel more like the mid 90s. A cold front could spark up an isolated thunderstorm during the afternoon, but it will not bring relief from the heat. 

That cold front will bring down the humidity on Wednesday. Despite the drier air mass, it will remain hot during the day as temperatures possibly hit 90 degrees.

By Thursday, we may make it an official heat wave as temperatures soar back into the mid 90s. More importantly, the humidity will be back, and it will likely feel brutal as the heat index approaches 100 degrees.

We may see temperatures hit the lower 90s on Friday, but a cold front will bring the risk of scattered showers and storms. 

Temperatures will then back down into the mid to upper 80s through the weekend, but the risk of some storms will persist.