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While Monday was a cloudy and cool day, heat and humidity made a quick comeback on Tuesday. Temperatures soared past 90 degrees in the region and while the city did not officially reach it, it felt more like the lower to mid 90s during the afternoon.

The humidity takes a dip on Wednesday, but it will return quickly, and it will be oppressive on Thursday and Friday. The National Weather Service has already issued a Heat Advisory as the heat index is expected to approach 100 degrees.

An approaching cold front could bring a stray shower around during the early evening hours of Tuesday night. The rest of the night will feature mainly clear skies and the humidity will gradually trail downward. Overnight temperatures are expected to end up at around 70 degrees in the city.

Wednesday will feature a good deal of sunshine throughout the day. While the cold front will cool things down as the daytime temperature tops out at around 90, it will lower the humidity, making it feel tolerable.

By Thursday, the humidity will come back in a hurry. As temperatures climb into the mid 90s, it will end up feeling at around 100 degrees during the day. 

On Friday, temperatures may back down into the lower 90s due to an approaching cold front, but the high levels of humidity will make it another tough day. The heat index may end up climbing back up into the upper 90s to around 100 degrees during the day. Eventually, the cold front will bring the risk of scattered showers and storms during the latter part of the day. 

As far as the weekend goes, the humidity will take a slight dip on Saturday, but it will remain on the hot side. Temperatures will stay in the upper 80s to around 90 and the risk of a thunderstorm will stick around.