The week ended on a soggy note well ahead of an approaching storm system. The area of low pressure will pass to the south on Saturday, however it will stall out once it heads offshore.  As the storm meanders, the rain will continue for much of Saturday. This storm will not only bring a prolonged period of rain, but also gusty winds as well as coastal flooding. High pressure to the north will cause the area of low pressure to drift south on Mother’s Day, however there could still be the risk of a leftover shower.

A Wind Advisory has been posted for Central and South Jersey as gusts could exceed 55 mph on Saturday. That wind will also come from the east piling the water along the Jersey Shore elevating the threat for coastal flooding. Coastal Flood Warnings have been issued for Ocean County and points south for Saturday night’s high tide cycle. Tides are expected to run some 2 feet above normal causing moderate flooding. It is also possible that Coastal Flood Advisories may have to be issued along the coastline of Long Island and Connecticut as well on Saturday. 

The rain will continue through Friday night. Much of it has been on the lighter side, but there will be a few periods when the rain turns to the heavier side overnight. Much of Saturday is shaping up to be a washout but there may be a few breaks in between. The rain should start to taper off late Saturday night if high pressure starts to move in from the north and forces the storm to drift south. 

When all is said and done, as much as 2 inches of rain or so is expected. Despite the large amount, the rain is expected to come down in a relatively slow and steady pace. That should minimize the flood threat; however, areas of poor drainage will likely deal with flooding. 

In addition to the rain, the winds will be picking up. Gusts to 55 mph will be possible especially to the south of the city as the storm intensifies offshore on Saturday. While the city is not in the Wind Advisory, it will still feel raw as temperatures will hover at around the 50 degree mark. 

There could still be a few lingering showers on Mother’s Day morning, especially to the south of the city. Otherwise, the winds will continue, and skies will feature a good amount of clouds. Expect temperatures to remain to be on the chilly side with highs only in the mid 50s. Further north in the Hudson Valley, it may actually end up being a very nice day with lots of sun and temperatures  climbing into the 60s.

As for early next week, we temperatures start to moderate through the 60s. While that storm system should be south of the city, eventually it will drift further south allowing for more sunshine. We may see temperatures finally hit the 70s by the latter part of the week.