Thursday featured more of the same, record warmth. In fact, while Wednesday featured a few record highs for the day, Thursday took it a step forward with record highs for the entire month of February. Islip and Bridgeport respectively topped out at 71 and 68 smashing their previous daily records by at least 11 degrees. While not a record, Central Park topped out at 70 degrees for the first time since early November of last year.

It stays warm into Friday morning, but a sharp cold front will cause temperatures to take a dramatic tumble in the afternoon and into the night. 

The light rain associated with a warm front as moved offshore early in evening on Thursday night. The rest of the night looks to stay relatively quiet, but some fog and patchy drizzle may develop. Temperatures will hover in the upper 50s through the overnight hours. 

A cold front will start to make its way through the city early on Friday morning, bringing in a round of rain. It should taper off by the midday period. Temperatures will initially back their way back into the lower 60s, but then the winds will come from the north behind the front and drive down the temperatures steeply in the afternoon and into the night.

We may see temperatures in the 40s by the early evening hours and it will continue to drop before finally bottoming out in the upper 20s overnight night. There will also be a breeze as well. Wind chills will likely be in the teens during the overnight hours. 

Saturday features sunshine, but it will be much cooler, with highs in the lower 40s. Despite the colder temperatures, our normal high for this time of the year is supposed to be around 42 degrees.

On Sunday, temperatures will already be on the rebound. Expect highs to climb back toward 50.

Heading into next week, a few disturbances look to bring the chance of showers from time to time. It will stay on the mild side with highs hovering at 50 degrees.