'The Boogie Movie' challenges stereotypes, social issues in the Bronx

Luis "Macho" Miranda, an independent Puerto Rican film director and founder of the Concourse Film Festival, talks about his brand new movie, "The Boogie Movie."

NYC street vendors rally for new legislation

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More than 100 street vendors wore yellow hats during a rally in City Hall Park Wednesday – all driven by the need to support their families in one of New York City’s oldest professions.

GOP presidential candidates debate on NewsNation, …

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The fourth Republican presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses will air on NewsNation and PIX11 News Wednesday at 8 p.m.

But first, it all begins at 7 p.m. with a PIX11 News special: Debate Night in America. PIX11’s Dan Mannarino, Shirley Chan, and Henry Rosoff, along with a panel of political experts, are taking a deeper dive into the field of Republican presidential candidates.

MTA board approves congestion pricing plan

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The MTA approved a proposed plan for congestion pricing on Wednesday.

The plan laid out by the MTA's Traffic Mobility Review Board would charge cars $15 to enter Manhattan below 60th Street. There would be a 75% discount overnight and a $5 rebate for cars entering from the nearby tunnels.

Norman Lear, iconic producer of ‘All in the Family,’ …

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Norman Lear, the writer, director and producer who revolutionized prime-time television with such topical hits as “All in the Family” and “Maude” and propelled political and social turmoil into the once-insulated world of sitcoms, has died. He was 101.

Wellness Wednesday: Easy pilates workout

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Amanda Freeman, the founder and ceo of fitness brand SLT, joined New York Living to share an easy pilates workout routine to do at home

NYC’s Sloomoo Institute shows how to make slime

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The Sloomoo Institute is a sensory play destination for kids in the heart of Soho, Manhattan. They joined the show to teach how to make your own slime

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