Pumpkin Nights at the Bronx Zoo set to make its debut

A new fall attraction at the Bronx Zoo will be making its debut Thursday night.

Debate Night in America: GOP races in Iowa and New …

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The real showdown between the Republican presidential candidates is set to begin in less than six weeks during the Iowa caucus. It's quickly followed by the primary in New Hampshire, the caucus in Nevada and the crucial South Carolina primary.

Debate Night in America: NewsNation’s Chris Stirewalt

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Four Republican presidential candidates are going head-to-head in Wednesday night's NewsNation primary debate, with a focus on issues such as inflation and immigration.

PIX11's Dan Mannarino takes a behind-the-scenes look with NewsNation's political director, Chris Stirewalt.

Nevada rocked by school shooting: Debate Night in …

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said three victims are dead and one is in critical condition at a local hospital following a shooting on UNLV’s campus.

Brisk chills followed by a pleasant warmup

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Wednesday night features the coldest temperatures of the week as a brisk northerly flow brings down a chilly air mass across the region.

Debate night in America

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Several leading Republican presidential candidates will go head-to-head Wednesday night in a NewsNation primary debate.

Former President Trump skips Republican presidential …

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Several leading Republican contenders for president will make their case Wednesday night in a NewsNation primary debate. But one person you won't be seeing on the debate stage is frontrunner and former President Donald Trump, who is skipping the Republican presidential debate to go to a fundraiser in Florida. PIX11's Henry Rosoff breaks down the numbers at the polling desk.

Excitement builds ahead of the NewsNation GOP Primary …

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It’s Debate Night in America, and we’re checking in with reporter Reshad Hudson at the University of Alabama, where four leading Republican candidates for president are less than an hour away from taking the debate stage.

NYC street vendors rally for new legislation

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More than 100 street vendors wore yellow hats during a rally in City Hall Park Wednesday – all driven by the need to support their families in one of New York City’s oldest professions.

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