The New York Giants might be feeling pretty good after their 31-19 win over the Washington Commanders in what was the Giants' most complete game played this season. However, the folks at MMQB weren't moved much to boost the Giants' place in the weekly power ranking poll.

As was the case last week, when they fell to No. 29, the Giants held steady at that spot in this week's rankings. Notes Conor Orr of the Giants' ranking this week:

How about one Tommy DeVito, the first player in Giants history to throw five touchdown passes over his first two starts? I think the same Giants fans who were disgusted by DeVito’s presence should probably rethink themselves after a good win over a decent Commanders team, namely, when it comes to all the Brian Daboll badmouthing. He got the kid ready to play.

Yes, DeVito had a memorable day etching his name into the franchise record books--he also engineered the first touchdown drive in the first quarter for the Giants this season. But let's also remember that at least five of the nine sacks he absorbed were on him, not the offensive line.

That said, the fact that DeVito didn't commit a single turnover despite the pressure is admirable, as is his cool-as-ice demeanor and the swagger that he brought to the league's 32nd-ranked offense and scoring offense.

The Giants' win, by the way, dropped them from the No. 2 spot in the draft order to the No. 5 spot, which isn't sitting well with some Giants fans who have embraced the tank. But in getting the win and building more confidence in DeVito, perhaps when the dust settles on this miserable season, the Giants might discover that they've found a legitimate (and less expensive costing) candidate to be their QB2 next year.

That will depend on how DeVito does this weekend against the struggling New England Patriots. Bill Belichick, the architect of that Patriots defense, takes delight in throwing multiple disguised looks to confuse rookie quarterbacks, and it's expected he will do the same when the Patriots visit the Giants on Sunday.

If DeVito can navigate through that maze and continue with his pristine ball security, that could be enough to earn the right to remain the starting quarterback for the rest of this season, regardless of when Tyrod Taylor (IR/rib cage) returns.