NEW YORK (PIX11) — It is almost to the point that we are back where we started with Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

This Jets offense is eerily similar to the one we watched a year ago, where Wilson was sent to the bench in favor of Mike White. White is now in Miami with the Dolphins, backing up Tua Tagovailoa.

The Jets have scored just eight offensive touchdowns in eight games. They are brutal on third downs and red-zone touchdown conversions.

Is it all Wilson’s fault? No.

The offensive line is once again a mess due to injuries and talent. Jet receivers outside of Garrett Wilson love dropping the football. We can get into the play-calling with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett as well. 

The Jets are averaging 273 yards of offense per game to go along with 16.5 points; it’s brutal. With all of that, I do not think there is a conspiracy theory that head coach Robert Saleh is being forced to play Wilson by GM Joe Douglas.

Ball don’t lie.

I just don’t think either Tim Boyle or Trevor Siemian can play, and the coaches see that. I am not here defending Wilson, and I get your frustration watching this Jets archaic offense. The Jets don’t have anyone that they feel is better, and that ultimately is their failure.

They should have had a veteran quarterback backing up Aaron Rodgers to protect themselves if the worst-case scenario played out and Rodgers got hurt, which he did.

So, as the Jets travel to Vegas to take on the Raiders on Sunday night, there is little to no margin for error for the Jets’ defense due to the lack of offensive production.

I will leave you with this: it is difficult watching Zach Wilson play quarterback.

The game has not slowed down; he holds onto the football way too long, but he has also not gotten the help around him that he needs.

It is difficult for viewers to watch, but imagine being Joe Douglas and the Jets. Those who scouted him attended his pro day, interviewed him, fell in love with him and decided to draft him with the second overall pick.

It is difficult for us, but imagine being Douglas—a tough spot, but the one that comes with his GM job.

Until next time New York, I’m Marc Malusis. 

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