NEW YORK (PIX11) — It has all changed for the New York Giants. The expectations for the Giants coming out of the bye week are to make the playoffs. They are getting set to take on a dreadful Houston Texans team on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

Yes, the ATV accident down in Mexico for star safety Xavier McKinney, which left him with a couple of broken fingers, is not exactly the news you wanted to see earlier this week. However, enjoy this Giants fans because it has been a while that you have felt this way about a football team that you root for.

There’s a sense of pride in watching a coaching staff that knows how to get the most out of the talent on the roster on offense and defense. They have a head coach who knows the importance of winning, on the field, and not the press conference.

Giants Pride is something their former head coach Tom Coughlin used to talk about time and time again. The Giants as an organization lost itself for some time with general manager Dave Gettleman and head coaches like Pat Shurmur and Joe Judge. For a once proud franchise that was a foundation organization for the NFL, Giants fans watched as their team became a punch line. This year, that has changed, and it is OK if you are a fan to lean into what you are watching and witnessing. They are not just a product of their schedule. They are a good football team and have a very winnable game on Sunday.

The Giants have expectations now, expectations to continue to show you what they have already. The rise of players like Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley on offense and Dexter Lawrence on defense. The five comeback wins and the grit and toughness that make you the fan at home proud to be a fan of the team. Giants Pride indeed. It all gets going again Sunday with the Texans in town.