NEW YORK (PIX11) — As reports came out Tuesday that quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a list of players he wants the New York Jets to pursue in free agency, you could hear the outcries all over the city. You might not want to hear this, but Rodgers can make those demands because he’s that good.

Rodgers knows the Jets are desperate to acquire him, and he wants to be as comfortable as he can be if his career continues in New York. Rodgers is using every ounce of leverage that he has to do so. That’s why the Jets are reportedly signing wide receiver Allen Lazard, a former Packers teammate of Rodgers.

Everything is pointing to Rodgers going to the Jets. And if you need to make him happy with his guys in order to make the deal done, then you do it. Rodgers isn’t the first superstar athlete to have his finger on player-personnel decisions.

Rodgers can help the Jets win come playoff time. Jets owner Woody Johnson should do whatever it takes to acquire Rodgers. And I believe he will.