NEW YORK (PIX11) — As the Nets open up training camp and get set for the start of the NBA season, it also represents a new beginning.

It’s an opportunity to put all the drama behind them and let their play on the court dictate the conversation. One thing is for sure, they are talented enough to deliver on all the promises when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving decided to partner up in Brooklyn in 2019. The question is, will they?

I do know this. I believe you will get the best that Irving has to offer in focus and performance because he is looking to get paid following this season. I do believe that Durant is a basketball lifer and even though I think he’s too sensitive and reactionary at times, he is one of the best basketball players in the world. Ben Simmons can’t shoot, but he can be a facilitator and defender, and there is no debating his skill at 6’10”.

I can’t sell you on head coach Steve Nash. He isn’t ideal, but the Nets are going to say all the right things now. Everyone is all in. The question is, will that remain the case when they face a bit of adversity? Will they be able to stay healthy?

The Nets have been a source of great drama for the last three seasons and the results haven’t been there. Durant and Irving have yet another opportunity to accomplish the goal they wanted to pursue together, which is to win a championship. 

Can the focus be on basketball and team? If that is where the focus is this season, it’s all still in front of them.

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