The Yankees were eliminated Sunday night in embarrassing fashion, getting swept away and eliminated by the hated Astros. It is tough to take.

The question now is: where do you go from here if you are the Yankees? I think the problems run deep. Managing General Partner Hal Steinbrenner has to make a decision on BM Brian Cashman and if this team is headed in the right direction.

Before that, the Yankees need to define what success is. This is no longer the George Steinbrenner Yankees, where it was win at all costs and anything short of a World Series title was a disappointment. The Yankees do not seem to operate under that edict any longer.

My guess is that this current Yankees leadership will accentuate the positives: the Bombers won the AL East, the ball park was packed, and so on. I do not think the playoffs are a roll of the dice, I think there are players that either raise their level or they do not, and that is not measurable on a spreadsheet.

The Yankees’ analytical approach, led by assistant GM Michael Fishman, has become a problem from evaluating talent to baseball decisions. The Yankees liked to hold themselves to a higher standard than everyone else, winning championships defined them.

We are a long way from the dynastic Yankees of the late 90s when the post-season defined them. Now the regular season defines Yankees baseball. Let that marinate.