NEW YORK (PIX11) — Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks in the National League and the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros in the American League for their trips to the championship series.

With that, these playoffs in Major League Baseball have been a disaster. Do you realize the top five teams in the regular season, based on wins, are out of the playoffs and combined to go 1-13 in the postseason? It is the first time in MLB history that all four championship series teams will have 90 or less regular season wins. That’s not a good thing.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said we need to give the new playoff format a little more time, but I guarantee you there are individuals within MLB trying to figure out why this is happening. Rest, luck, matchups, who knows for sure. There are a number of different reasons, including the other teams were just better at that time.

You could blame rest and the time off of five days. You can also look at each series and see the Achilles heel of each of the top five teams got exposed. 

The trickle-down effect for baseball is this: you do not want the regular season to be meaningless. You want to make sure that you protect the sanctity of a 162-game regular season, that it has importance. You never want to become just a playoff sport. Just ask the NBA or the NHL, you need to protect it all. 

The other issue with the baseball playoffs is this: they have been boring for the most part. In six of the eight series up until this point, there have been sweeps. You have not had a single series get stretched the distance. It has lacked the drama that makes October baseball brilliant.

Maybe, and hopefully, that changes in the respective championship series. In a year in which baseball improved its pace of play and rhythm to the sport, you expected a crescendo in October, and it has been more of a thud. That is a problem.