NEW YORK (PIX11) — The New York Mets can’t wait for the last nine games to be completed. After that, they head into the offseason, when David Stearns takes over as president of baseball operations. 

When it rains, it pours. This week General Manager Billy Eppler had to come out a refute a report the team was close in negotiations on a contract extension with first baseman Pete Alonso, talks about culture and clubhouse and Buck Showalter’s managerial style.

The Mets have traded a way older stars like Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. The season has been a massive disappointment. Now they have the report in The Athletic that former Met Tommy Pham said the Mets have the least hard-working group of position players. 

Before joining the Mets, Pham had played for five teams across the majors. Showalter said Pham is entitled to his opinion and that he sees the work the guys put in each day. Buck is right, but this is what happens when a team disappoints to the level the Mets did.

We need an answer. Why was this team so bad? How could we have all been so terribly wrong? I cannot tell you why the Mets failed so miserably this season. It was a poorly constructed roster for $350+ million where age and injuries played a role for sure. 

Do I think the Mets worked hard? Yeah, for the most part. Do I think there is some truth to what Pham is saying? For sure. But know this, there is not just one reason why the Mets season went in the toilet in 2023, and what we have seen as of late is what you traditionally see in a failing organization, a ton of finger pointing. Simply, the Mets failure this season falls on every single person. They all played a role.