NEW YORK (PIX11) — PIX11’s Marc Malusis caught up with David Stearns, the president of baseball operations for the New York Mets, to discuss the hiring of Carlos Mendoza as the 25th manager in team history.

Stearns lauded Mendoza’s ability to relate to everyone in the building and his “easy-to-talk-to nature.”

Stearns made it clear that Mendoza was not the Mets’ second option after former Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell was hired by the Chicago Cubs. Counsell worked with Stearns in Milwaukee and was the initial frontrunner for the Mets job.

Stearns said he had Mendoza “pegged at the front end of this process as a top candidate.”

Malusis also spoke with Stearns about the Mets’ offseason plans, including the future of first baseman Pete Alonso. Stearns said recently the Mets and Alonso were working on a long-term extension, but the two sides have not come to an agreement.

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