NEW YORK (PIX11) – For the first time since 2016, the New York Mets are back in the postseason.

“Lifelong [fan], runs in the family. We’re overdue,” said Mets fan Connor McHugh of Manhattan.

“It’s been long overdue for the Mets to be in the playoffs,” said Mets fan and Queens native David Raphael.

The Mets enter the postseason with 101 wins. But this weekend, they’re looking for just two against the San Diego Padres in the Wild Card Series to advance to the NLDS.

“Of course I’m nervous, it’s the Mets,” quipped Mets fan David Muzikant from Long Island.

“Very nervous,” said Christian McHugh, who will be on the edge of his seat at Citi Field for Game 1. “Pitching, Pete Alonso, Francisco Lindor, and we get our boy Starling Marte back, that’s who we needed.”

Any Mets fan knows to be ready for haters, and maybe even some enemies.

“It’s Wild Card weekend. [The Padres] are coming to New York,” said Darius Jackson, a big Padres fan from the Bronx, decked head-to-toe in Padres gear. “I know that the Mets have really good pitching, their lineup is kind of great, but we have a little something too. We’ve shown that we can get in there and win. We’re here, so let’s make it happen.”

The Mets will take on the Padres in a best-of-three series on Friday, Saturday and, if necessary, Sunday.