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His unique form of art started with a dare from his brother. Now, he has the Knicks knocking on his door — and not to play basketball.

Rutgers student Dylan Sadiq first started playing with the classic ’80s (and every other decade since) toy more than 10 years ago.

Around the time Sadiq started to become an NBA fan, he saw videos of people using Rubik’s Cubes to create works of art. He decided to do it himself, depicting his favorite basketball player: Luka Doncic.

“I’ve only been watching basketball for like two years, and Luka was one of the first players I’d ever seen.  Going up against Lebron. Luka versus Lebron, battling against the goat — and it was really inspiring,” he said.

So Sadiq created a frame, bought hundreds of cubes — and created a masterpiece. He recorded it, too, of course.

Doncic’s team noticed.

“The Dallas Mavs commented on my old video,” he said. “And then it started gaining traction after that.”

Forty teams have reached out to him on social media asking him to create their logos or players: NBA, NFL, NHL, Premier League. He even depicted Giants star Saquon Barkely.

Sure, it helps when the teams send him some swag — some really cool swag, he said.

Most of his creations don’t last long. After spending hours upon hours completing the incredibly complex pieces of art, he tips the frame over and pours the cubes out.

Those things get expensive; he has to reuse them, he said.

Recently, the Detroit Pistons paid for a piece; while he’d love to keep making money off of his creations, he has his eyes set on a clear goal.

“I want to get a piece in every single stadium, that’s my goal,” he said.

Sadiq, while clearly a talented artist, has no formal art training. Instead, he’s studying medical engineering.