These are the most popular pet costumes

From Halloween group costumes to the best couples’ costumes, Halloween is about to get bigger, better and funnier than ever this year, especially because some of the season’s best new costume launches aren’t even for humans, but rather, for pets.  In 2023, you’ll find pet costumes for both cats, dogs, bunnies and even reptiles, and depending what you’re going for, you can dress up your pet as a movie or TV character, another animal or even a box of wine. 

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What are the best Halloween costumes for pets?

As of 2022, the National Retail Federation found that the most popular Halloween costumes for pets included a  pumpkin, which came in at the number one spot at 10%, then a hot dog at 5%. About 4% of pet owners dressed their pets up as superheroes or cats, and 3% of pet owners chose bumble bee costumes.

You can pretty much expect the statistics to remain (mostly) the same in 2023, but if you are looking for a pet costume that’s more original, there are plenty of options — with nary a pumpkin, hot dog, superhero, bumble bee or cat costume in sight.

Best pet Halloween costumes for 2023

Best BarkShop BarkBoxed Franzia Wine Costume

BarkShop BarkBoxed Franzia Wine Costume

If you enjoy an occasional pinot grigio or merlot , then your dog, too, can become a little wino. This pet costume straps onto your dog with a Velcro closure that stays put. You can also pair it with BarkShop’s Cabernet Slobbernon Bark x Franzia toy for the perfect accessory. 

Best Wocloey Ken Costume for Dogs

Wocloey Ken Costume for Dogs

“Barbie” was the hit movie of the season, but this Ken pet costume steals the show. The pink-and-blue Hawaiian-style collared shirt closes with the help of a Velcro front and it’s selling out so quickly, you’ll want to grab it as soon as you can.

Best Urban Outfitters Doggy Parton Concert Pet Costume

Urban Outfitters Doggy Parton Concert Pet Costume

Your dog can pay homage to the queen of country music, Miss Dolly Parton herself, with this pink frilly dog dress and curly blonde wig. The costume also comes with a matching pink guitar and the fake, foam hands to hold it up.

Best Rubie's Legally Blonde 2 Bruiser Woods Costume

Rubie’s “Legally Blonde 2” Bruiser Woods Costume 

This pet costume by Rubie’s Pet Shop is suitable for dogs as small as 3 pounds. Officially licensed by the “Legally Blonde 2” movie, the hot pink outfit consists of a newsboy cap and a wraparound blazer just like the one Elle wears in the film.

Best Spider Pup Costume Spider Pup Costume

If you prefer a traditional scary Halloween costume, this full-body spider costume turns your four-legged friend into a furry, eight-legged creature with four eyes in no time. It even has the quintessential orange-and-black palette. 

Best Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween Frontal Pickleball Player Costume

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween Frontal Pickleball Player Costume

As pickleball grows more and more popular, Target is introducing this pickleball player pet costume for 2023 that can be worn by either cats or dogs. It’s a front-wearing costume that creates the illusion of a human body in a pickleball uniform. There is a paddle in one hand and an actual pickleball in the other. It even comes with a headpiece featuring a green sweatband and gray hair that sticks straight up.

Best Rubie's NYC Taxi Cab Pet Costume

Rubie’s NYC Taxi Cab Pet Costume

This yellow cabbie jumpsuit is a full-body pet costume that’s complete with an exterior sheen, like a real car. It also features black-and-white checkered detailing around the vehicle — like real New York City cabs — has black foam wheels and a “I Heart New York” sign on top.

Best Rubie's Star Wars Bantha Costume

Rubie’s “Star Wars” Bantha Costume

Pet owners obsessed with “Star Wars” might appreciate this elaborate Bantha costume. Complete with curly foam antlers that sit atop your pooch’s head like a hat, the costume creates the illusion of a “Star Wars” character riding and steering your dog with reins.

More pet costumes worth checking out

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