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Which Superman dog costumes are best?

Halloween is not just for kids anymore. A growing number of dog owners are getting their pets involved in the fun. For those who love superheroes — or those that think their dog is super — a Superman dog costume like the DC Comics Superman Shirt and Cape is the obvious option. 

With a simple shirt and detachable cape, your dog will stay comfortable and look like the super-dog they are. 

What to know before you buy a Superman dog costume

The challenge with any dog is getting them used to wearing a costume. The key is to start introducing your dog to costumes as early as possible. Frequent exposure at a young age will help your dog make an association and develop a familiarity with wearing costumes.

As you decide on a Superman Halloween costume for your dog, keep these factors in mind

Age of your dog

A rule of thumb is older dogs and puppies will likely not cooperate with a costume. Older dogs often have mobility issues like arthritis that make it painful to be put in a costume. On the opposite end of the spectrum, puppies lack coordination and patience. In general, both these groups will have a lower tolerance for a Halloween costume. 

Dog’s temperament

Just like we do, dogs have preferences. Some dogs will naturally take to wearing costumes and may even enjoy it. Others will resist, no matter what you do. The important rule is to not force your dog into a costume if they clearly don’t want to be in it. Doing so can cause them stress and anxiety. 


Because you love your dog, you want them to be comfortable. That should translate to the Superman dog costume you put them in. Make sure they have free range of motion and that the costume isn’t too tight. They need to be able to see and hear. And there should be nothing to restrict their breathing. This is especially important for brachycephalic breeds like bulldogs and pugs. 

What to look for in a quality Superman dog costume


Because comfort should be the top priority, look for a lightweight Superman dog costume. If the costume has too many accessories, it will weigh your dog down and cause fatigue. You’ll have the best luck keeping them in the costume if it’s easy to wear. 


Along with the costume being lightweight, a quality Superman dog costume will be made of breathable material. This is important as it keeps your dog from overheating. It’s another way to keep your dog comfortable while they go trick-or-treating. 

Easy to get on and off

When it comes to putting your dog in a Halloween costume, avoiding a fight should be your goal. If you have to wrestle your dog to get them in or out of the costume, it will add stress and increase their anxiety. A quality costume should be easy to get on and off. This will make it a positive experience. 


The best dog costumes are extremely adjustable. They will always come in sizes, but with that, the pieces of the costume should be easy to adjust. That lets you customize the fit to your dog, ensuring it’s as comfortable and safe as possible. 

High-cut belly

Check the belly on the costume you get. Can your dog urinate without soiling the costume? A well-designed dog costume will have a high-cut belly piece, allowing mess-free bathroom breaks. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Superman dog costume

For a well-made Superman dog costume, plan on spending about $15-$35, depending on the complexity of the costume. Note that handmade or custom costumes like you would find on Etsy will likely cost more. 

Superman dog costume FAQ

Is a dog costume mean to the dog?

A. No, a dog costume isn’t mean for your dog as long as your dog isn’t stressed or made anxious by the experience. If they start to show signs of being stressed, it’s best to get them out of the costume and in a comfortable place as soon as possible. 

How do I know if my dog is stressed in their Halloween costume?

A. Your dog will tell you they are anxious or stressed in both their body language and behavior. The AKC recommends looking for the physical signs of stress and anxiety, such as a tucked tail or ears, lip licking, excessive yawning, panting or whale eye. They will also show their stress in their behavior through avoiding eye contact, acting guilty, freezing and pacing. 

What are the best Superman dog costumes to buy?

Top Superman dog costume

Rubie’s Costume Company DC Comics Superman Shirt and Cape

Rubie’s Costume Company DC Comics Superman Shirt and Cape

What you need to know: Whether you need a small or large dog Superman costume, this is a great option. 

What you’ll love: Constructed of a simple T-shirt and detachable cape, this is an easy-to-wear option that your dog will feel comfortable in. They still have full range of motion and won’t feel weighed down. 

What you should consider: Some reviews say the cape doesn’t stay on easily, especially if you have an active dog. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Superman dog costume for the money

Rubie’s Costume Company Classic Superman Costume

Rubie’s Costume Company Classic Superman Costume

What you need to know: Saving a few bucks on this costume won’t mean sacrificing great quality and design. 

What you’ll love: Complete with a coat, cape and stuffed arms, this is a great option at a great price. Your dog will look like a heroic Superman while staying comfortable thanks to the shirt-style front piece. 

What you should consider: Sizing is reportedly a bit off, so consider buying two sizes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rubie’s Costume Company Superman Cape

Rubie’s Costume Company Superman Cape

What you need to know: This is the perfect option for a pet that doesn’t love costumes but that you still want to participate in Halloween. 

What you’ll love: No need to grab your dog’s size — this cape is simply attached to a light-up collar you can attach to a leash. Have a tiny Yorkie? This will work! Need an extra-large Superman dog costume? Look no further. Pick the appropriate leash size and you’re done. 

What you should consider: Some users report the cape being flimsy, so it may not be a good option for particularly active dogs. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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