New York Club Pilates preparing to re-open

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NEW YORK— Gyms and fitness studios are still off limits in New York affecting the livelihoods of thousands of owners.

While it seems there’s no end in sight the owners of Club Pilates are going above and beyond gearing up for the day when they can welcome back their clients inside their studios.

All 27 studios in New York have been shut down for the last 5 months due to the pandemic, relegated to hosting classes outside.

Heather Rhyu who is mompreneur says business was booming at her three studios pre-Covid. Now?

“Like any small business it’s been so hard to have been shut down since March, it’s heartbreaking, this is my livelihood.”

And while there are benefits to conducting outdoor classes, those limited classes aren’t even bringing in 50 percent of their usual revenue.

There are over 600 Club Pilates nationwide, many which have re-opened-but president, Shaun Grove says the New York studios which have been forced to stay closed are in dire straits. “These NYC owners are putting homes up for sale and meeting with bankruptcy lawyers.”

Now they’re taking every measure recommended to be prepared to re-open, from touchless check in, reduced class sizes, entry and exit coordination and improved ventilation.

And as for the members, many say they love the outdoor workouts, but they are ready to head back inside.

To find a Club Pilates near you click here Club Pilates

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