Nationwide Mortgage Bankers create Heroes Lending Program to help all front line workers

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Frontline healthcare workers are integral to fighting the Coronavirus.
In hospitals and clinics, these workers are taking on significant personal risk in order to provide for others.
So, one mortgage company is going above and beyond to help provide for them, and give a special thanks, that could be life-changing, to all those on the front line.
The coronavirus hit with vengeance in mid-March- but, when it was just a headline, the founder of Nationwide Mortgage Bankers, Richard Steinberg, saw the writing on the wall. “I realized this was going to be really bad and I wanted to make sure my company was prepared, and I could protect my employees.”
He began immediately amassing face masks, and hand sanitizers in his Long Island headquarters, to protect his 400 employees around New York and the country. Once his staff was required to work from home, Richard went into phase two, donations. “Nurses, doctors and other first responders didn’t have supplies they needed, we had them, so we thought we’d share what we had. We had the ability to have contacts and order more so as of today we’ve purchased 45,000 face masks, 15,000 hand sanitizers and 2,000 thermometers.

The recipient of some of the thermometer donations, Mercy Medical Center. Kathleen Kennedy, the Assistant Vice-President of Operations says they were beyond fortunate to get this donation. “It gave us the tools for our nurses, our clinicians to take care of patients the right way because you know with Covid-19 taking people’s temperature is extremely important.”

But Nationwide Mortgage Bankers didn’t stop there. They also provide 3 meals a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to a different local hospital. And have initiated a special lending program for all those on the front line, the Heroes Lending Program. “It’s a program we designed, no application fee, no process fees, incredibly low rates, it’s our way of saying thank you to all the people who put themselves in harm’s way, nurses, doctors, police officers, delivery people, cashiers at the store.”

For more on Nationwide Mortgage Banker’s Heroes Lending Program head to their website Nationwide Mortgage Bankers

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