National Debt Relief explains how they help people become debt-free

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New York, New Jersey — National Debt Relief has partnered with PIX11 to share their expertise with New Yorkers looking to take the right steps in finally becoming debt-free. Vanessa Rae sits down with Consumer Advocate & Debt Specialist, Grant Eckhart to discuss National Debt Relief being a lifeline to millions of Americans who struggle with debt daily.

Eckhart explains the process that allows any individual who is struggling with credit card debt, personal loans or medical bill debt to be connected with a certified debt specialist. All specialists are highly trained individuals who are certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Artbitrators. The debt specialists will work with each individual to understand his/her unique financial situation, as well as his/her goals. Each individual who works with a NDR debt specialist will be provided with a completely customize a plan based on the individual’s budget, income, household expenses, etc.

Eckhart says, “It takes everything into consideration and from there, puts them on a plan. Most of those plans usually put the customer on track to be debt-free within 24-48 months.” He continues by stating that their are no up front fees and no out of pocket expenses for the consumer.

If you are struggling with debt or worried about the uncertain times that lie ahead, call one of National Debt Relief’s certified debt specialists at 1-800-814-2324 or go to for your free debt relief quote today.

Click here to learn more about how you can start your debt consolidation with National Debt Relief today.

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