Get Covered NJ extends the deadline to enroll in health insurance

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Enroll now for health insurance— Across the country, many residents had to enroll in health insurance weeks ago, but that wasn’t the case for those in the Garden State.

New Jersey is giving its residents more when it comes to health insurance. More options, more financial assistance, and more time to enroll.

Health insurance is critical in maintaining your wellbeing and in helping you receive medical care when you need it.

And this year, the New Jersey governor and legislature has made it a priority to provide affordable health insurance for all its residents.

Get Covered NJ is the state’s new marketplace which changes the way people get insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The commissioner of New Jersey Department of Insurance, Marlene Caride says with this new program, residents are getting more, and that includes more time to enroll. “Our open enrollment started on November 1st but is extended to January 31st.”

Besides more local help and advice, Get Covered NJ is passing along more savings. “The average premium with subsidies is $120 a month and that’s down from $164 from the previous year so there’s a saving there.”

Along with that savings, the Affordable Care Act also provides financial help to those at a certain income level. And this year, New Jersey made the decision to provide additional financial help on top of the federal government funds.

​If you’d like more information on New Jersey’s official health insurance marketplace head to Get Covered NJ

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