Emerald Laser weight loss technology melts fat

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You’ve heard of the “Covid-15” — it’s a reference to weight gain people have put on during the pandemic.

Now people want to shed those pounds and one New Jersey doctor is helping them do so with an innovative procedure that melts the fat away with an emerald laser.

It’s a spa like setting, a place where you relax to lose weight.

Ari Urena is undergoing emerald laser treatment which is melting inches off her waist.

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The only place to offer this treatment in the region. The New Jersey Infusion Center.

Dr. Weiss, the founder of the New Jersey Infusion Center, says the Emerald Laser is the FDA gold standard for non-evasive weight loss, it literally obliterates fat cells into microscopic pieces that are eliminated by the lymphatics.

And while the clients love seeing the inches whittle away, that weight loss means much more to Dr. Weiss. “Losing the fat helps decrease my patients rate of illness, prevent strokes, cancer, heart disease, and hypertension.”

Ari says she had tried many things to lose weight including dieting, portion control and exercising then Covid-19 hit. “I got a little lazy, eating more, gained more weight and the Emerald Laser is really helping me.” Ari says she’s lost 4.5 inches after 5 sessions with the Emerald Laser.

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Dr. Weiss says the goal of the Emerald Laser is to reset your clock and always recommends his patients eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of sleep.

If you’d like to learn more about the emerald laser weight loss procedure go to Infusion Center of NJ.

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