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Why women are coloring their hair at home — The pandemic has forced many of us to take beauty routines into our own hands and that means many more women are coloring their own hair. Garnier noticed how much at home hair color habits shifted in 2020 so it conducted a survey of American women with OnePoll to get down to the trends.

Lifestyle expert, Michelle Dederko, shows us how and why women are increasingly coloring their hair at home.

More than half of women agreed that they have gone gray faster during quarantine than they would have otherwise, whic made many feel like they aged four years over the course of 2020 due to stress from the pandemic.

The poll revealed that 33% of women dyed their hair at home for the first time during the quarantine. 85% of women polled said they colored their hair to cover up grays.

It wasn’t long before it became apparent that grays weren’t the only hair-color undertaking that women were handling at home. More than half of the women polled said they dyed their hair a bold color because it seemed like a good opportunity while home.

Pinks, bold reds, and purples suddenly became the new norm.

So before “dying and regretting,” Garnier actually has an online tool that will let you try shades on virtually. Garnier Virtual Shade Selector Tool allows users to try hair color shades on virtually in store or online. The Virtual Shade Selector is a 1-minute hair color quiz that helps you find and virtually try on your personalized Garnier shades. The quiz asks questions on hair type, concerns, etc., helping to narrow down the hair color selection best for you and only suggests the shades and lines that will fit those needs

If you’d like to find out more tips and tricks for coloring your hair check out

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