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CFSC helps small businesses get back to work by cashing checks on site. — The re-opening is underway in New York and that means businesses that carry low risks of infection, such as manufacturing, some retail and construction, are back in business.

And ready to help them and their employees get back on their feet as soon as possible is Community Financial Service Centers.

New Yorkers are getting back to work, projects once on hold are back in play and that means cash is needed to restart some construction sites.

CFSC is playing a big part in helping many businesses reopen. Regional manager, Joselin Setlight explains. “Particularly with phase one construction we’re available for them, they can cash a check same day. They don’t have to wait 5 days to cash it. They can come cash a check and be able to buy machinery and other stuff they need to continue projects they started months ago.”

CFSC is a check cashing facility. There are 85 Community Financial Service Centers throughout the New York boroughs and northern New Jersey which are open 7 days a week.

Jhessica Encalada-Ortega who is a manager at the Brooklyn store, says for some businesses it’s not practical to wait for funds to clear at a bank, and that’s why CFSC is a crucial for providing cash on hand. “It’s very important for small businesses because the same way they get revenue in, they need to pay their employees, bills, rent, insurance they need that money as soon as possible.”

And while CFSC is welcoming its customer around the clock, it’s also making sure all Covid-19 safety precautions are taken.

Community Financial Service Center employees say they are a family and treat their customers like one of their own, hoping they can help all get back on their feet soon.

CFSC says some of their customers have not received their stimulus checks yet. They are hearing that the government may be sending out debit cards. If that is the case, CFSC says you can bring your debit card into their stores- and take cash off to pay your bills, send money or just have cash on hand for whatever you may need.

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