Summer is wrapping up and school is just around the corner! And for many of us that means getting the kids back on track when it comes to their sleep schedule.
Pediatrician and Zarbee’s partner, DR. Katie Friedman, has some tips to help us transition from vacation mode to school mode.
Her tips include:

Use ZARBEE’S ® new Children’s Gentle Bedtime to help children to unwind naturally and relax as they transition from playtime to bedtime, a crucial step as they are learning to implement good sleep hygiene.
Dr. Friedman also recommends that parents create cues for your kids, limit screen time, and move up bedtime by 15 minutes.

Zarbee’s has you covered with their all-new Children’s Gentle Bedtime line of products, which are melatonin-free, safe, and effective in various forms for different age, like gummies for children over three, syrup for children over two, and spray for children of all ages.

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