As we head into 2022, we’re all looking to save on our monthly bills. Increased costs for groceries, gas, and just about everything has you looking for ways to save. And some of the bills you’re probably reviewing are your wireless and home internet service. Today we’re sharing some tips on savings, particularly for those who serve and the workers who take care of us!

Now, more than ever, we recognize the sacrifices and importance of those who support our communities. To help and honor those individuals, including first responders, nurses, teachers, active-duty military, veterans and their families, Verizon is committed to supporting them through offers and discounts.

For a limited time through Feb. 28, these special people in the New York boroughs who take care of us can save more than $1,000 a year when they switch to Verizon Fios Mobile + Home offering. More important, these are not temporary discounts, so these consumers will be saving money over the long haul!

To check out Fios home internet and Verizon’s mobile network in and around New York City and see how you can save head to