If you’re looking to freshen up your New Year’s resolutions with some items that’ll inspire you to reach your goals, we’ve got you covered today.
Lifestyle expert, Kathy Buccio is here with some new items that’ll give us that pick-me-up we need!

If you resolved to get fit, Burlington also has a huge supply of athleisure to help you hit the gym in style. From sports bras, some for as little as less than five dollars, to workout tops and jackets that keep you warm as you warm up to leggings and workout pants that move with you. If you resolved to stay on time, Burlington also has a great selection of wall clocks at incredibly low prices to help you get out the door on time. If you like to preserve memories from the past year, change your selection of framed photos. Burlington has picture frames for every size and style. You will discover something new every time you walk into Burlington.

We’re excited to let you know that Febreze just announced its 2023 Scent of the Year, Mountain. This new fragrance contains notes of alpine, wildflower and woodsy cedar. Febreze Mountain is a sophisticated scent that honors the beauty of the outdoors and helps create moments of zen amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Febreze Mountain is available in AIR, PLUG, FABRIC, CAR, WAX MELTS, and SMALL SPACES. You can purchase Febreze Mountain at retailers nationwide.

If you are looking for encouragement, insight, and creative inspiration in 2023, a new book titled Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women is exactly what you need. Written by makeup artist and creative director Angela LoMenzo, the book is a collection of powerful, real stories of twenty-five extraordinary, creative women, including artists, musicians, actors, designers, and entrepreneurs who overcame significant obstacles. The authentic stories feature raw emotions and stunning photography to leave the reader feeling deeply inspired. The book is available for pre-order on amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and more information can be found at angelalomenzo.com.