We want to feature you on our show, and more specifically your favorite room in your home and you’ll have a chance to win a $300 dollar gift card from Bob’s Discount Furniture!
We all have a place in our house, apartment or in the backyard that’s our favorite spot to hang out, it’s why we Love Where We Live.
Gisela from Yonkers, New York sent in her picture. She says, this is our enclosed porch which gets lots of great vitamin d. It’s filled with sunlight and is furnished with comfy chairs and ottomans, perfect for relaxing while reading a good book.
Each week, we’ve partnered with Bob’s Discount Furniture to feature a new viewer’s special room, patio or backyard that shows why they Love Where They Live.
Head to pix11.com/contests send us your picture, tell us why that spot is so special, and enter to win a $300 dollar gift card from bob’s discount furniture.